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We are exclusive dealer of ozone steam boxes HOCATT™

Our company is an exclusive seller of ozone steam boxes in West and East Europe. An ozone steam box is a multi-purpose health system which concentrates 7 effective treatment procedures into one ergonomically designed box. As the main sellers we can offer a direct delivery of our exquisite ozone steam boxes or a wholesale cooperation.

Ozone and healing effects


 Doctors and oxygen therapy



Did you know that ozone is beneficial to the immune system, metabolism and kills bacteria and viruses?

The senior doctor at the cardiovascular ward of the faculty hospital in Ostrava MUDr. Miroslav Homza claims that a significant research impact is put on oxygen therapy and its medical potential has been proved in research work of various authors from all over the world.

This therapeutic multifunctional ozone chamber is the most progressive, the most complex, the most effective and the safest therapy. It is not only aimed at patients but also at common persons.
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How can ozone fight against cellulite and obesity


 03 spa in Ostrava


Visit together with us the first ozone spa in the Czech Republic. Convince yourself of healing and therapeutical effects of ozone on the human body in modern premises of Rothschild Palace in Ostrava-Vítkovice

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