Doctors and oxygen therapy


The LLC Clinic Plastic Surgery and Laser Treatment Centre

MUDr. Igor Janík, in charge of the clinic, recommends ozone therapy.

Cardiovascular ward of Faculty hospital in Ostrava

Senior doctor MUDr. Miroslav Homza

A steam box having the option of oxygen therapy is revolutionary with its idea of providing rehabilitation and regeneration procedures in the form of a box, in which the content and stability of environment is much better controllable than outside the box, e.g. in a room. At the same time the client’s head is outside the box, which significantly reduces the risk of overheating the patient, as it enables cooling the patient’s organism through his or her head. Apart from the fact that this way the procedures of steam spa and oxygen therapy can be markedly intensified by a precise adaptation and setting the inner environment of the box, and also the comfort of the client undergoing these procedures is significantly increased.

The possibility of oxygen therapy enlarges in a considerable way the regenerative options of the box, oxygen therapy being a treatment method, and regeneration, which is currently on the increase, is being put a considerable research emphasis on, and its medical potential which has been proved in research work of numerous authors from all around the world is already finding its way to clinical practice. 

This method is currently being effectively used at musculoskeletal system disorders, neurological diseases or diseases of internal organs.

The steam box which enables oxygen therapy currently in a remarkable way enlarges the range of rehabilitation, regeneration and treatment procedures available to clients suffering from symptoms which react well on these approaches.