Get an ozone steam box for your hotel, guest house or another facility.

Would you like to have luxurious spa equipment in your hotel, guest house, recreational facility or even on your camping site? You don't have enough space for another building? Would you like to provide your guests with relaxation and spa services for minimum costs? Then this is an opportunity for you! Get the ozone steam box HOCATT™.

It is a multifunctional equipment of the highest technological level providing a sophisticated, complex and efficient system of treatment and reconditioning rehabilitation or a suitable range of diseases. This absolutely safe kind of therapy is based on the results of the latest science.

Yield potential and requirements for installing

  • Ozone steam sauna HOCATT™from Signature Health Europe was designed as an intensive commercial health recovery system, which is intended for health centers, rehabilitation centers, fitness centers, spa resorts and wellness complexes, slimming centers and beauty salons.
  • Multifunctional ozone steam box is a safe and effective treatment system for recondition and rehabilitation, which was designed not only for patients but also for relaxation of ordinary people.
  • The length of one therapeutic procedure in the box is 30 minutes. One cycle usually consists of 10 procedures.
  • Invested capital, in most cases returns within 6 months after installation of the box.
  • We always recommend that you make this product an integral part of an already established practice, so you enrich the offer of your services, and you greatly increase your profits.