Ozone therapy, effects of ozone

Ozone therapy in various forms has been used in medicine since the 19th century. In spite of this long period the exact range of effects have not been thoroughly examined yet.
Ozone kills viruses, germs, bacteria and moulds. Ozone bonds with the existent unsaturated fatty acids and forms biologically active groups of ozonides which make oxidation effect on the cell coat of bacteria. Good cells are not damaged; on the contrary, they receive a very good energetic nutrition. Ozone is a kind of super oxide which not only has sterilising effects but also initiates metabolism and blood supply.
Some general practitioners already use these methods while treating serious defects of wound healing. Ozone is a good alternative medicine to antibiotics. As antibiotics are nowadays prescribed when even a little trace of bacterial infect occurs, the body gradually becomes resistant to those medicines. No resistance has so far been found against the new form of therapy.

General effects of ozone:
  • Kills bacteria, viruses and moulds
  • Has supporting effect through blood supply and metabolism
  • Initiates immune system and blood formation
  • Retains free radicals and activates the body’s own antioxidants.

Ozone therapy is more and more asked for in the area of medicine

It also has another use though:
  • Water treatment at swimming pools would be unimaginable without ozone nowadays. The water which is treated without ozone at swimming pools has an untrustworthy reputation.
  • Greenhouses use it in order to keep UV radiation on a unified level
  • It is used in the pharmaceutical industry in order to maintain the final chemical state of pharmaceutics
  • Filling machines in the bottle industry use it in order to kill bacteria on bottle necks.
  • Ozone has been used to treat drinking water for 100 years.

What is regenerative ozone therapy?

  • Ozone is effective against pathogens – it kills bacteria and moulds, sterilises viruses and oxidises harmful toxins.
  • Ozone applied in prescribed amount is considered to be one of the strongest and most efficient detoxication means.
  • Ozone is hygienic and during each procedure the whole body is cleaned both from the inside and from the outside.
  • It increases the amount of oxygen in blood and its metabolization on the cell level – anti-aging effect, beauty effect, visual skin improvement, energy recharge, and immunity improvement.
  • It decreases muscular tension – decreasing the milk acid accumulation.
  • During each therapy up to 600 calories are burnt without any exercise.
  • It sterilises wounds and considerably improves the healing process while reducing the creation of scars!