The HOCATT™ chamber includes the following therapeutic forms:

Ozone in oxygen

Input out of two separate ozone generators with an adjustable flow rate, one for the steam spa and the other for systemic or surface applications. Ozone melts in the sebum on the upper side of stratum comeum and immediately reacts with unsaturated fatty acids (PUSFA) and creates hydrogen peroxides”H2O2” and lipid oxidation products “LOP”. These segments can be partly absorbed and go through the skin barrier thanks to intensive vasodilatation caused by the heat, humidity and carbonic acid. Lymphatic and vascular capillaries can quickly take H2O2 and LOP in the main circulation. This leads to a controlled oxidation process stimulating the antioxidant enzymes. This controlled oxidation affects normal cells in the way that it stimulates the release of antioxidant enzymes (gluthathione, catalase and dismutase), so a better cell protection is achieved and free radicals are washed away. Abnormal cells (bacteria, fungi, protozoi) do not comprise antioxidant enzymes and for this reason are sensitive to oxidation and destruction.

Detoxication effect

Hydrogen peroxide (free from ozone) oxidises the biological waste products and toxins to inert elements that are easily excreted by the skin, liver and kidneys.

Immunostimulation and Immunomodulation

They are influenced by the effect on interleukins and interferons as well as by the stimulation of phagocytosis.

Stimulation of oxygen metabolism

Ozone increases the speed of red blood cells glycolysis, which leads to 2,3-diphosphoglycerate stimulation (2,3-DPG) and this way to an increased release of oxygen to tissues. Ozone also activates Krebs cycle by increasing oxidant carboxylation of pyruvate leading to a stimulated production of adenosin triphosphate (ATP) and thus to an increased energy on a cell level. According to Kunzmann the 30-minute whole body treatment in the ozone chamber increases the partial pressure in peripheral circulatory system by 25 %.


Blood circulation improvement

Ozone reduces clustering of red blood cells and renews their elasticity and their ability to bear oxygen. The oxygen pressure in arteries increases while viscosity decreases, which leads to better oxygenation of tissues. Ozone also oxygenates the blood platelets and enables the removal of decay products.

Carbonic acid

When CO2 dissimilates in H2O carbonic acid “H2CO3” originates.

Carbonic acid has two main effects:

Vasodilatation of skin and body vessels leads to stimulation of the circulation, decrease of peripheral vascular resistance and heart strain.
CNS sedative effect releases emotional and physical stress.


Ultraviolet radiation

When the unstable oxygen compound O3 decomposes, ultraviolet radiation is released. This radiation affects epidermis and deeper skin layers, where together with its ability to kill bacteria it contributes to the production of protective agents, hormones and vitamins.


It has been discovered that the heat and humidity of ozone steam spa increases the nucleus temperature on average by 2°C thanks to discontinuation of the heat release (hyperthermia). This causes sweating with excretion of organic acids and metabolic waste products. Together with this outer effect, sweating increases metabolism by a functional stimulation of all organs. This leads to a lasting muscle release.

Oxygen inhalation

Increases oxygenation of the body, which leads to better mental and physical performance.

Photodynamic therapy and aromatherapy.

The treatment increases the vitality of body organs and improves immunity.