We introduce the unique HOCATT™ therapy - Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy


HOCATT™ offers:

HOCATT™ chamber features are the most progressive transdermal medical equipment of all time.

Transdermal HOCATT™ chamber CO2/Ozone

  • Steam sauna/hydrotherapy

  • CO2/Carbonic acid therapy

  • Ozone steam therapy (transdermal) 

  • Ozone steam therapy 

  • Oxygen steam therapy

  • Photon light and spectrum therapy

  • Oxygen therapy (EWOT)

  • Herbal/aromatic therapy   

HOCATT™ therapy includes the following features:

  • Touch screen control
  • CO2/inlet system of carbonic acid
  • Heart rate monitoring system
  • Integrated safety function of pulse detection
  • CE certification
  • Integrated control of the steam outlet (for cardiacs)
  • Integrated control of ozone level
  • Ozone generator 61,5 ug/ml
  • Stream chamber of herbal steam
  • Oxygen inhaling function
  • Integrated medical air humidifier
  • Medical meters 02 and 03
  • Double ozone inlet
  • Seat adjustment
  • Leg-rest adjustment
  • Perfumed oxygen function
  • 50 pre-programmed proceedings
  • Integrated light therapy
  • Activity monitoring function
  • Kush meter of water level
  • Feature protection
  • SG-5 5l/pm oxygen concentrator (93% clear oxygen at 5l/pm)
HOCATT™ chamber introduces a second ozone generator for intake and blow-through and this way nearly doubles the performance when both generators are used at the same time. These generators are controlled independently and have a separate flow of oxygen from the same source.

HOCATT™ - Hyperthermic ozone and carbonic acid therapy.

This multifunctional therapeutic ozone chamber is the most progressive, the most complex, the most effective and the safest therapy; it is not only aimed at patients but also at common people.

It is a chamber in which the particular person sits in a comfortable and relaxed way with their head out and during 25-30 minute therapeutic session enjoys the entertaining chamber system. The chamber is easily programmed and easily controlled using a touch screen and is equipped with a pulse monitor.

Technical parametres

Dimensions: Height 
130 cm 
70 cm 
 Length  120 cm 
Weight: 350 kg  
Power: 2000 W  

To install:
  • El. outlet 230V
  • Distilled water - up to 4.5 liters (maximum capacity of the sauna, 1 session of about one liter at 100% power)
  • Ventilated room with a flat floor