HOCATT™ indication for non-patients:


It helps with reducing redundant fat in the natural way without any effort (reduction programme).
It is also important while renewing skin smoothness and elasticity, especially after repeated pregnancies and frequent use of cosmetics (releasing the structure of connective collagen fibres).
It helps in cellulite treatment.
Striae treatment after pregnancy or obesity.


Better performance, both qualitative and quantitative
Reduces accumulation of lactic acid in muscles, which causes stress and bad physical shape after extreme strain


Unwinds both the body and mind
Releases anxiety and stress
Improves physical and mental performance
Stimulates the feeling of contentment
Treatment without side effects
Contra-indication includes hypertyroism, febrile and acute inflammation diseases.

HOCATT™ second ozone generator can be used for all kinds of ozone therapy, including:

Systemic treatment (rectal and ear rinse)
Body surface treatment (including rectal, vaginal and skin suction)